Strategic Planning


DMVA NEXGEN is focused on improving the customer service experience of those we serve, enhancing our business operations, organizational restructuring, and making DMVA an employer of choice. DMVA NEXGEN consists of four committees: Customer Service, Employee Experience, Business Operations, and Restructuring Opportunities. Those committees have 20 sub-committee teams, each team consisting of a designated Team Leader and 3-6 members, that will address a number of concerns/issues.

The Colorado SOLVE Guide will assist with our process improvement efforts. For such a large undertaking is is important that we standardize the process to ensure transparency and ease of understanding. Over the next few months a series of Webinars will be provided to assist with implementing the Simple SOLVE method. In addition, virtual facilitation training will be provided to assist Team Leaders in collaborating with their Team Members. Resources can be found below.

DMVA NEXGEN questions or concerns, along with training requests will be made and managed through the Strategic Operations and Organization Development office:


NEXGEN Kickoff Meeting 10 June 20


Performance Plan

Every year, we the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs creates and makes public our Performance Plan. This annual Performance Plan highlights the mission and goals that we strive to achieve every day. Our tactics may have changed, but our strategy remains the same. We will support, enable, and oversee the missions of our core divisions with the ultimate goal of building a more resilient and ready Colorado.

Please click here to view or download the Performance Plan FY 2020-2021.

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Strategic Plan

The Colorado Board of Veteran's Affairs (CBVA) serves to advise and assist the governor, any department in the executive branch, and the general assembly or any committee thereof in regard to veterans' matters. In accomplishing such duties, the CBVA periodically studies the issues facing Colorado veterans and proposes programs or statutory changes, as it may be advisable or necessary, for veterans' assistance by the state of Colorado or political subdivisions thereof. Our core values of service, compassion, dedication, and integrity drive our daily efforts in advocating for our state's veterans.

Please click here to view or download the Strategic Plan FY 2018-2020.