Tuition Assistance

Prospective Students/Members of CONG

Welcome to the Colorado State Tuition Assistance web page. Here you will find information on how and when to apply for Tuition Assistance program information and eligibility, and the participating institutions.

For additional information please email the State Tuition Assistance Program Manager Joni Fernandez at

Important Announcements

Reminder, you must apply for State TA every semester!

Please continue to check back regarding updates


Semester Application Period

Spring 2022

Application Opens

November 1st

Application  Closes

December 10th

Application packets must be complete and submitted online by the deadline in order to be considered.

State Tuition Assistance Overview

The State TA is a program designed to assist (Army/Air) CO National Guard members with the expense of tuition at public institutions. Currently, the State TA Program awards up to 100% of tuition ONLY (after COF /per semester) and cannot exceed $5000/ semester.

State Tuition Assistance is ONLY available to members serving in the CO National Guard.


  • Title 32: Traditional (M-Day)
  • AGR
  • Federal Technician
  • One-Time-Occasional-Tour (OTOT)
  • Title 10: Deployment/Call up

Ineligible Service Status:

  • Title 10: Active Duty (not part of CO National Guard)
  • Title 38 Veteran/Retiree
  • Reservists
  • Spouse/dependents

Students must meet State TA program Requirements to receive funding.

State TA Program Requirements:

  • 6 months of service in the CO National Guard prior to start of semester
  • Meet CO National Guard performance requirements
  • ETS Date (End Term of Service) on/after the semester end date
  • Enrolled in a State TA approved institution
  • Maintain a CGPA of 2.5 or better
  • Meet all school continuing requirements.

A student is no longer eligible for State TA once they have reached an Aggregate Cap.

Aggregate Caps:

  • 132 semester hours OR
  • 8 year’s total use of the program.

*Aggregate caps are based on whichever cap is reached first! The State TA Office tracks Aggregate Caps.

A list of approved state schools, application dates, and application links (each semester) are provided below.

*Funding is not guaranteed and subject to change, based on funding availability. State TA eligibility caps: 132 credit hours or 8 years (whichever is reached first).

*State TA will give priority funding to students pursuing their first degree of that level (E.g. a first bachelors degree). Students pursuing a second degree of the same level may still apply for State TA but are not garunteed funding.